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Air Fryer, where have you been all my life?

Every aspect of this machine is extraordinary. You Set It and Forget It. Everything turns out perfectly cooked. Whether it be frozen solid chicken or fresh chicken it always comes out crispy on the outside and completely cooked & juicy on the inside. Vegetables, whether frozen or fresh come out done exactly right, every time. It's cooks so fast that you start making multi-dish meals just to show off. And Clean Up? LOL seriously,

Works on everything!

I purchased this drill for some light chores around the house. I was amazed at the quality and power it has, I was expecting much less and recovered far more. I believe that this drill will be used for many years to come.

Great Price

I am totally impressed with the performance of this product. This is a real labor saver. I highly recommend it.


The cordless screwdriver is perfect. It's lightweight and has everything I need, making assembly tasks easy and efficient.

Good quality and quite handy

This little handy miter saw and box is so efficient for quick and easy projects

Good buy.

A really good addition to my tool cabinet. Solid product.

Great tool

For anyone that does a lot of fabrication you know time is money so buying cheap tools is going to cost you on the long run.. But this was very affordable. I’ve had this item for a good while and have never had a problem with them…and these work like a beast!

Solar POWER!

Was a but skeptical with this item but i bought one to try it out .. Let's just say my house is covered with them.. LOL. But they work really well and i would recommend it to anyone. Also good for when electricity is down. Just make sure to keep it in the sun to last!

Good for camping

Used it down the islands . Very long lasting.

Works great.

Only wish there were bigger ones but it does the job. The light is very bright as well. Would def purchase more for around the house.

Good for price

Works well and really bright.

Great for diy projects! A must have!

The quality of this glue gun is amazing.
Easy and convenient to use with it being cordless. Sizing is as pictured, and it’s not heavy on the hands at all. Easy to charge. All in all, the price for this product is worth it in my opinion. I’ve had it since Christmas and have had no issues with it at all.

Great purchase. Worth every penny

Love this little compressor! I rarely write reviews on things but have to say this is one of my FAVORITE purchases ever. it is light and handy, does the work as advertised.

Im shocked !

I absolutely am in love with this pressure washer!
It was easy to assemble and it performs beautifully. I’ve used it the last 2 days to clean my house, fences and walkway. I have to tell you I was skeptical at first because I’ve never had an electric power washer, we’ve always have had gas washers, but this washer is more powerful than my old gas power washer. It is also light weight and easy to move around. It was able to take the moss off my house and fences and clean years of build up off the walkway. I would highly recommend to anyone doing some cleanup around the exterior of their house.

Must recommend!!

I absolutely love my this blower! It is powerful, easy to use, and incredibly efficient. I’ve used it blowing leaves off my driveway and clearing debris from my garden. The lightweight design and comfortable grip make it a breeze to use for extended periods of time. For the price, I’m impressed with the performance and quality of this blower and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and effective tool for yard work.

Great price.

Strong and sturdy tools. The size makes it super convenient to tackle different projects around the house. Very practical that it comes in a durable case, which makes it to store and locate

Great product for price.

This has been a great tool for me. It’s much better quality than I was expecting. it looks solid but it works great, not too cumbersome. It has a lot of power and the battery lasts a long time. It comes with a great case. Looks great, too. This is definitely a solid investment.

Great battery life.

Reasonably priced and works fantastic. Works as well as the other brands. Battery life seems good. Charges fast. Overall - Nice product. Definitely would purchase again!

Worksite product are the best

Use this everyday while working at a dealership. Stronger than my previous impact, is lighter by about a pound, and is extremely quiet. Overall, one of the best purchases I made as a technician.

Great Battery Life

Couldn't believe how good the battery is, I have been using it continuously for 3 hours and the battery still has half life. what more could you ask for in a cordless tool?