“The Seller’s Responsibilities

“The Seller’s” Responsibilities on Ebuystt:

“The Seller” must make sure that the Product Listing meets Ebuystt website requirements, which are listed below:

  • All the products on your shop must be available and in stock. You are responsible to update the quantity in stock for all products in your online shop. If you sell products, we expect that you will update your inventory when each item is sold. Failure to update your inventory can result in the termination of any sale and your Seller Account.
  • Sellers are not allowed to sell products that they do not stock.
  • When your product is sold on the website, you will be responsible to deliver your orders to our Main Warehouse located in San Fernando, Trinidad, within 1 business day.
  • The seller is responsible for any returns, exchange shipping costs, and delivery costs for the item if the seller delivers the wrong, damaged, or a defective item.
  • You are responsible to enter your products in the website and you must ensure that your products are tagged in the right Department and Category. For example, if you are selling PVC fittings, it should be placed under Plumbing & Fixtures, if you are selling Car Care, the products should be placed under Auto Accessories. Correct placement of products ensures that customers find your products easily, and without confusion.
  • Ebuystt reserves the right to delete and remove any product entered by the seller that is deemed inappropriate for the website.