• Boosts Gasoline Octane Levels • Stop Pinging, Knocking, and Engine Run-On
Water Remover Fuel Dryer • Conserves Gas by Keeping Fuel Intake System Clean • Treats Up to 21 GAL or 80L of Fuel • Formula...
Smoke Stop® • Keeps Engines Running Longer and Better • Helps Stop Exhaust Smoking and Crankcase Gases • Increases Oil Viscosity for Better Compression
• Provides Extra Protection by   Reducing Friction and Wear • Concentrated to Silence Noisy Valves   and Lifters • Blends With All Oils Including...
• Fortified with Friction Reducing PTFE for Manual    Transmissions, Differentials, and Gear Boxes • Minimizes Gear and Bearing Noise
• Brush-On Sealer for Paper, Cardboard, and Felt Gaskets • Fast Drying, Hard Setting • Resists Most Petroleum Products and Shop Fluids